Proprietor's Desk

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    We, at Tharwani Infrastructures believe that the privilege of crafting lifespaces is a matter of great honour and trust. Having been in the business of acquiring, developing and disposing off immovable properties, construction of residential complexes and commercial area, we ensure that people's dreams are lived up to each day.

    Affordable housing with world class amenities that offer an elevated 3600 living experience, is what we aim for. Home, being the ultimate abode of retreat and belongingness, has to be a THARWANI HOME.

    So when it comes to home simply THINK HOME THINK THARWANI

Mounting ahead with our deeply rooted values of integrity and exceptional quality, we envision to create happy communities in delightful lifespaces. Offering our esteemed residents maximal comfort, convenience and proximity to travel zones is our top priority.
To escalate and extend our towering presence onto greater territories (National and International) with our innovative lifestructures, is our leap into the future.